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Sant'Angelo della Polvere Island

Sant'Angelo della Polvere Island

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There are many strange stories that can be found in Venice, but one of the strangest has to do with a convent of nuns. They are, or rather, they were the nuns of the Benedictine order. This community of religious lived on the island now called Sant'Angelo della Polvere. The particular name of this island derives from its use subsequent to that of a convent. In fact, from the 1500s this place was converted into a powder magazine (of the Polvere in fact) of the Serenissima. But why were the nuns thrown out? The chronicles of the time tell this story in great detail.


There was a period in which the wives of the fishermen of Pellestrina and Malamocco noticed a sudden decrease in the catch. The fishermen spread their arms and talked about the bad season. But the women immediately suspected something and wanted to investigate the matter. They then went to a magistrate of the Republic explaining their fears. Undercover investigators then began to follow the fishing boats in their daily work. Investigators soon discovered that all the boats returning from sea fishing strangely made a stop on the island of Sant’Angelo. After more careful investigation it emerged that the fishermen offered part of their catch to the nuns in exchange for sexual services. It was also said that the nuns looked out from the windows of the convent showing their "thanks" to the passing fishermen to entice them to stop.

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