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San giuliano's Island

San giuliano's Island

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Similarly to other lagoon islands, San Giuliano hosted monastic settlements, but it was also a strategic place from a defensive point of view given its position near the mainland, where the territory of Treviso extended.


Since 1152 there is news of a hospice for wayfarers mentioned, in later documents, as "San Giuliano del Buon Albergo"; a Franciscan convent was attached to it. In 1209 a defense tower was erected with a customs house served by a palada (remembered from 1358), that is a barrier of poles that forced the boats to pass through the controls.


Starting from the sixteenth century the island was represented in cartography and it is evident that the appearance of the time was very different from the present one, being much larger and more articulated. The morphology was modified in the following period, when it was subjected to important defensive and hydrographic interventions.

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