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The Querini Stampalia Foundation

The Museum of the Querini Stampalia Foundation represents one of the most important and best preserved examples of a house museum in the heart of Venice. The noble floor of the Palazzo recreates the sumptuous home of the Querini family where, in an atmosphere of extraordinary refinement, the ancient collections with their precious furnishings, paintings, porcelain, globes, fabrics and sculptures give life to an inseparable link with the sumptuous rooms full of stuccos and frescoes.

The house museum, open to the public since 1869, tells, through everyday life, stories of taste, traditions and culture that reflect the life of Venice: a city unique in the world.

Today the Museum is proposed to the public as a historic residence that preserves the atmosphere of the past, however opening the doors to initiatives, concerts and exhibitions of both ancient and contemporary art.

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