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The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is the ideal stop if you are in Venice with the whole family.

A few minutes from the train station, it is housed in one of the most fascinating buildings overlooking the Grand Canal.

Natural History Museum. Background

The Natural History Museum of Venice is located in the splendid Fontego dei Turchi. This palace, founded in the first half of the 13th century by the Pesaro family, owes its name to the fact that from 1621 to 1838 it was the seat of Turkish merchants: here, respecting the strict rules imposed by the Serenissima, they lived, traded and prayed. What is still one of the best known and most wonderful palaces on the Grand Canal has been the seat of the Natural History Museum since 1923.

The visit to the Natural History Museum

Do you love science? Have you ever seen a dinosaur up close? Do animals enchant you almost as much as the life of the great explorers? Be prepared to get excited because the Natural History Museum has the right answers.

Here you can admire the skeleton of a whale and a sperm whale and listen to their song, the rooms dedicated to the Venetian explorers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the reconstruction of a sixteenth-century wunderkammer (room of wonders).

Before leaving, do not miss the spectacle of emotion in the eyes of children at the sight of the majestic dinosaur skeleton over seven meters long and the Tegnùe aquarium.

The Natural History Museum is an ideal stop for all ages. Here the visit will excite, amaze and enchant you!

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