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San Polo

In this article we have tried to collect several tips and advice to be able to guide you in the best way into the streets of the San Polo district, trying to make you discover the characteristics and beauties that it contains within it.


The San Polo district is the smallest of the six in Venice and is much loved for the relaxed atmosphere that can be felt walking around its streets; at one time, however, it was one with the Sestiere of Santa Croce.

Its name derives from the presence of Campo San Polo, the largest square after that of San Marco, and of the homonymous church in the district. Although it has always been considered a people's square, as events and public celebrations took place here, this square is surrounded by stately palaces.

It is a very characteristic district given the rich presence of "houses and shops", or places where people live and carry out their work, as well as the variety of typical Venetian taverns that take the name of "bacari".

The most known and lively area of ​​the sestiere is that of Rialto, thanks above all to the presence of the fish and fruit and vegetable market which makes the area more chaotic and hectic but, at the same time, a typical and very characteristic place of Venice. The Rialto area is also one of the most popular for shopping and in the evening it turns into the center of the nightlife for the young people of the neighborhood, who gather around the Erbaria (area of ​​the quay overlooking the Grand Canal).

Curiosities About San Polo District

In San Polo we find the Rialto Market, the place where a scene from “The Tourist”, a film with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, was shot. In the scene we see the protagonist (Depp) who, during an escape between the roofs of Venice, throws himself on a tarpaulin of the Market.

Also in this district stands the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, whose Chapter Hall was the site of a scene from the film “Casanova”. In fact, a masked ball was organized in this room in which the protagonist Giacomo Casanova also participated.

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