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Carlo Goldoni's house

Carlo Goldoni's house is a museum in Venice, part of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. It is housed in Palazzo Centani, in San Polo 2793. the palace, one of Carlo Goldoni's residences in Venice, was purchased by a citizens' committee in 1914, and donated to the city in 1931. From 1953 it housed the Institute of Theater Studies " Casa Goldoni ", which has been rearranged and restored as a museum in recent years. A first phase of the works, which ended in the nineties, involved the adaptation of the site from a structural point of view and the safety measures, including a new staircase and a lift for the disabled. The second phase, from 1999, involved the expansion and reorganization of the exhibition spaces, including a rationalization of the library on the second floor of the building.

The palace is organized on a courtyard with a well decorated with lion heads and a covered staircase from the 15th century. The museum itself is located on the first floor, spread over three rooms. The life and work of Carlo Goldoni, and the context of the 18th century Venetian theater and society, are represented through relics, furnishings, paintings, illustrations of Goldonian comedies and explanatory panels. A hall dedicated to puppets stands out, in which the theater of Palazzo Grimani ai Servi is reconstructed, comprising about thirty original 18th century puppets.

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