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Welcome to Venice's Afternoons

Welcome to Venice's Afternoons

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Even those who have never set foot there know the places that make the city of Venice famous all over the world: Piazza San Marco, the Rialto bridge, the Grand Canal. But Venice is also something else.

There are entire areas of the historic city to be explored, far from the places obliged by tradition, where every corner hides wonders. Going off the beaten track, you will be lucky enough to look at the city from a less conventional, more intimate, authentic and original point of view.


The best way to get to know the hidden soul of Venice, in fact, is to get lost in the streets and fields, explore the city slowly, preferably aboard a traditional boat or on foot, and look at it with the eyes of those who live there, maybe entering one of the many artisan shops to discover the stories of the authentic Made in Venice, such as gondolas, glass, pearls, lace, typical sweets and fabrics.

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